The Knowledge about Mexico’s Ancient Civilization(II)


The Teotihuacan civilization began in the first 200 years or so.Mini electric scooter manufacturer It was born after the demise of the Olmec civilization, about the ancient Indian civilization at the same time as the Maya civilization. However, unlike other ancient Indian civilizations, the context of the pedigree is relatively clear. The origin of the Teotihuacan is still a puzzle that has not yet been clarified, and no one can confirm that the civilization once had text. And leave a record of the information. Today we know the existence of this civilization, except that they have left a huge legacy for analysis, and some other surrounding civilizations in their contemporaries mentioned Teotihuacan in the classics or paintings. Things are also the key to another reference. The Teotihuacan did not use this name to refer to themselves. The name was the demise of the civilization, and the subsequent civilizations of the Teotihuacans who existed in this area were used to refer to their predecessors in the Nahuatl language they used. Refers to “the land where the gods made people.” Although in the Aztec era of the Toltec and even later, the ancient civilization has long since disappeared, but they still regard the ancient city where the Teotihuacan once lived as a holy place, and therefore there will be Such a title.Mini electric scooter supplier

The Teotihuacans appeared in the central plateau of Mexico in the first 200 years, and built a city with a population of about 50,000 between 1 and 150 years. It is the earliest city-level settlement in the entire America. During this period, they established a primary-scale city centered on the “Dead Road” in the north-south direction.electric scooter for Adult The buildings are mainly composed of pyramids and temples. After that, the city gradually grows and the buildings used by various civilians are also completed. The development of the entire city and civilization reached its peak in 600 years, when the population of Teotihua Cannes might be between 100,000 and 200,000. It has cultural achievements such as huge architecture and exquisite murals, but it has disappeared between 650 and 750 for unknown reasons and finally disappeared.

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