The Exploitation of Space Solar Energy, China Quietly Walked in front of the United States

The US media said that China plans to launch solar power activities abandoned by NASA decades ago in space, which puts China ahead of the United States.

According to the US Consumer News and Business Channel reported on March 17, John Mankins, in his 25 years at NASA and the California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, presented several ideas for expanding the use of space solar energy.galvanized steel tubing suppliers These include solar-powered interplanetary vehicles and space-based power generation systems. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Mankins paid particular attention to the second idea when he served in senior research positions at NASA. He was responsible for determining whether there was a way to transport electricity from space to Earth. This idea has the potential to fundamentally change the business philosophy of the power industry–and allow any world power that does this first to gain control of the field on a global scale.

According to the report, Mankins almost saw this idea become a reality, but for various reasons, the plan has never officially started. Therefore, when there is news recently that the idea that NASA gave up decades ago is now revived by the government, people have reason to be excited. But it is not NASA, but China,square steel tubing for sale  that ultimately supports this idea. The report said that the concept is likely to regain attention as China recently announced that it will complete the high-voltage transmission and wireless energy transmission tests required for space-based solar power systems in the next decade. At present, space is becoming more and more important to the world’s major powers. The Trump administration officially confirmed the plan for the US military to set up a space army in February this year.

According to the report, the solar power plant plan that China is considering to build includes the construction of small and medium-sized stratospheric solar power plants from 2021 to 2025 and the power generation; after 2025, large-scale space solar power plant systems will be started. According to the recommendations of the relevant expert group, China is striving to complete the space ultra-high voltage power transmission and wireless energy transmission test verification in the next ten years, and realize the construction of the megawatt space solar power test station in 2030 and the construction of the Jiwa class before 2050. Medium and long-term goals for the capacity of commercial space solar power plants. Mankins said: “The explicit interest expressed by the Chinese side will greatly stimulate the interest of the parties in this field. About 10 years ago, the Chinese began to seriously study this issue, and then they started participating in the international conference about 5 years ago. Today, they talk about this issue more openly.”steel coil manufacturers

Space-based solar power plants will capture the intensity of solar energy that would never be captured on Earth, and then use the laser beam to transmit energy back to Earth to meet energy needs. China said in a recent statement on the project that a major advantage of space-based solar power is its ability to continuously provide a stronger energy supply than solar power plants on Earth.

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