Talking about Present KFC and Pizza Hut

In addition to this, when Pizza Hut first entered the Chinese market, it was deeply loved by consumers because few shops specialize in making pizza. If you want to eat authentic pizza, everyone will choose to go to Pizza Hut. Nowadays, the shops selling pizza in the market are gradually becoming more and more. Pizza Hut’s position has been fiercely competitive in the same industry, and consumers can choose according to their own needs.square steel tubing for sale Among them, Pizza Hut loses a large proportion of consumers.

Finally, let’s talk about advertising sales. Pizza Hut is obviously not as good as KFC. KFC is one of the best in all catering industry in terms of promotion and marketing. Every time a new meal is introduced, KFC will spend a lot of money. Invite the most popular stars to promote their products. In the creative degree of advertising, KFC also has a slight advantage, and consumers are more likely to remember KFC’s advertising. In other words, KFC’s advertising is more recognizable. In contrast, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s have few good advertising effects. In a word, there are so many reasons about why KFC can succeed in the fast food industry.

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