Safety technical measures for gantry cranes

The gantry crane is an indispensable heavy machinery in the construction project. It has a very special structure, which determines that it can lift a considerable weight. I believe everyone is familiar with it because it can be seen in various construction sites. To its figure. However, it is precisely because of this, so the gantry crane rental company stressed that in the process of operation, it should pay more attention to safety issues. Specifically, the safety technical measures of the gantry crane have the following aspects.

What are the safety technical measures for gantry cranes?

Safety technical measures for gantry cranes

First, the order of operation should be correct and relevant areas should be hang warning signs

The road surface of the crane’s walking route should be smooth and pressure-resistant, and it should be thoroughly treated if it does not meet the requirements for use. At the same time, it is necessary to strictly hoist the order to ensure the stability of the hoisted components. It must be fixed and can not be fixed or cabled or suspended. The gantry crane leasing company also reminded the pedestrians or pedestrians under the crane arm and under the hanging objects. The operation area hangs obvious warning signs, and unrelated personnel are forbidden to enter.35 Ton Port Container Gantry Crane

Second, the staff must be trained before they go to work

Personnel participating in the installation work must pass all levels of safety training and pass all physical examinations. At the same time, attention should be paid to the safety protection products after they have passed the inspection. The relevant personnel will enter the construction site and dress properly, and properly wear and use safety protection articles. There are also hoisting drivers, lifting personnel, fires, and welding personnel who need to have relevant certificates.

Third, do a good job in all aspects of the inspection before starting work, to ensure that the operation is correct

Safety technology must be submitted before starting work, and all personnel can sign and approve before construction. Before the crane is used, it must be inspected. In particular, whether the rotating equipment and the brake mounting of the lifting machinery have good performance, no damage is confirmed, and no hidden danger can be applied. The gantry crane leasing company emphasizes that all lifting tools and rigging should be used. There are more than 6 times the safety factor.

The above are several aspects of the safety technical measures of the gantry crane. In addition, the personnel who command the lifting machinery should be familiar with the working surface environment and avoid contact with electrical and other equipment. Pay special attention to the contact with high-voltage lines, and ensure that the minimum distance from the high-voltage line is 3m. When multiple people are engaged in lifting and commanding operations, they should coordinate and cooperate to avoid unnecessary human accidents.

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