Introduction of VPS(I)

VPS, more convenient and lower cost for small enterprises to purchase and apply. It is quite different from traditional virtual server. Well, if you want to know it more, let us read about my post below with concrete information,galvanized steel tubing


VPS (Virtual Private Server) technology divides a server into several virtual privacy servers. In containers or virtual machines, each VPS can allocate independent public network IP addresses, independent operating systems, isolate disk space, memory, CPU resources, processes and system configurations between different VPS, and may simulate the experience of “exclusive” use of computing resources for users and applications.

VPS can reset the operating system, install programs and restart servers independently, just like a stand-alone server. VPS provides users with the freedom to manage configuration, can be used for enterprise virtualization, can also be used for IDC resource rental.


VPS host is a server virtualization and automation technology, which uses operating system virtualization technology. The concept of operating system virtualization is based on sharing the core of operating system, so that the virtual server does not need additional virtualization process, so the resource consumption of the virtual process is lower, so that more virtualization servers can be implemented on a physical server. These VPS hosts share hardware, software licenses and manage resources with maximum efficiency.

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