Business square parking garages

At present, most producers have proposed a parking garage the board framework for the qualities of business square parking garages. The future business parking garage the board framework will just consider the development and utilization of the parking garage the executives framework, and create towards combination, improvement, video, knowledge and system,equipment used in mining industry, furnishing clients with quick and proactive administration stopping hardware maker in China. Regardless of whether it can really address the issues of business square parking areas, the principle patterns are as per the following:

Regardless of whether it can genuinely address the issues of business square parking garages

1, brilliant gadget application investigation

Savvy investigation can anticipate the utilization of stopping ahead of time, in order to react fittingly, viably improve, and maintain a strategic distance from current framework abandons. For instance, when the camera identifies traffic stream and builds, it can incite the head to expand the passageway the executives.

Insightful investigation additionally maintains a strategic distance from over-dependence on manual modifications. Accomplish fast reaction. Through insightful investigation, the issue is looked by the built up principles, and the product window is utilized to change to the relating video interface for reminding, and the administrator can be reminded by sending an instant message, an email, and so forth., to advise the caution data the board at the first run through, to react rapidly.

2, parking spot organize stage

The leaving the board arrangement of every subsystem and hardware will be associated, and the information of every business square parking garage will likewise be shared, breaking the data island, constructing a brilliant leaving system stage, acknowledging system parking spot, speedy access, leaving guide, electronic self-installment, Car request and different capacities.

3, video and tag acknowledgment innovation applications

The tag number is the remarkable “character” logo of the vehicle. The tag acknowledgment innovation can understand the programmed passage and check of the vehicle “character” with no extra gear on the vehicle. The innovation has been connected to interstate tolls, speeding fines, checking, and so on., stopping the board. The tag acknowledgment innovation in the framework is additionally starting to be applied.

With the overhaul of innovation, the precision of tag acknowledgment will have a subjective jump, which can naturally and precisely recognize the vehicle shading, vehicle brand, vehicle layout, and tag acknowledgment innovation, while the vehicle itself has no other extra gear, irregular conduct caution And the benefits of picture investigation, tag acknowledgment innovation is the future improvement course.

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