The Introduction of Travel Destination in 2019 (I)


Located on the west bank of the AQABA Bay on the southern coast of Israel, it is about 3n mile from the AQABA port in the southeast and 3.5n mile west from the Egyptian border. It is one of Israel’s main ports. There are refineries nearby, and there are oil pipes leading to the ASHQELON and HAIFA ports on the Mediterranean shore. The port is about 3km from the airport. The port has a tropical Mediterranean climate and prevails in the east-northeast wind. The annual average temperature is 19-39°C, the highest has reached 47°C, the lowest is 3°C.square steel tubing The annual average rainfall is about 30mm, which is from December to March. The average tide height is 0.8m for high tide and 0.2m for low tide.

In the spring and autumn of each year, a large number of migratory birds feed on the outskirts of Eilat to replenish nutrients. These migratory birds usually breed and grow in Eurasia, go to Africa for the winter in the fall, and return to the north in the coming spring. In addition, the dolphins have received friend-like protection and respect in Eilat. Although it is housed in a sea area known as the ”Dolphin Park”, the park has express provisions that do not use dolphins for any commercial performance, nor allow visitors to feed dolphins. Here, the dolphins has its own strict diet and health management system. Although tourists are not allowed to feed the dolphins, they can still watch the scene of the keeper feeding the dolphins at a close distance on the floating dock. Maya said that six years ago, the park had some adult dolphins returned to the sea, but returned because some of the unfriendly “harassment” of diving enthusiasts, the worker can only  reinforce the fence.

Nowadays, trained divers can swim in the fence with the dolphins for close contact. The dolphins are very curious and often approach the divers, but the park stipulates that divers are not allowed to lure the dolphins by feeding. ”Whether it comes to people, the dolphins have their own wishes and choices,” explains Maya. ”If they are curious about you and want to play with you, they will approach you spontaneously.”

The underwater observatory Ocean Park in Eilat, a red sea paradise with convenient transportation, is home to hundreds of lumineon, sharks and stingraies in the coral reef under the sparkling waters of the Red Sea resort in the southern tip of Israel. In the past, visitors had to take a charter flight from Tel Aviv or bravely drive through the 5,000-square-mile Negev Desert to get there.


There is a place in the east midland of the North Atlantic Ocean, where there is no dusty nature and vegetation. There is the Azores, and you can see more beautiful scenes, except for the natural and unstained nature. The Azores consists of nine different islands, each of which can give you a big surprise.