Talking about Present KFC and Pizza Hut

In addition to this, when Pizza Hut first entered the Chinese market, it was deeply loved by consumers because few shops specialize in making pizza. If you want to eat authentic pizza, everyone will choose to go to Pizza Hut. Nowadays, the shops selling pizza in the market are gradually becoming more and more. Pizza Hut’s position has been fiercely competitive in the same industry, and consumers can choose according to their own needs.square steel tubing for sale Among them, Pizza Hut loses a large proportion of consumers.

Finally, let’s talk about advertising sales. Pizza Hut is obviously not as good as KFC. KFC is one of the best in all catering industry in terms of promotion and marketing. Every time a new meal is introduced, KFC will spend a lot of money. Invite the most popular stars to promote their products. In the creative degree of advertising, KFC also has a slight advantage, and consumers are more likely to remember KFC’s advertising. In other words, KFC’s advertising is more recognizable. In contrast, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s have few good advertising effects. In a word, there are so many reasons about why KFC can succeed in the fast food industry.

The Introduction of Travel Destination in 2019 (I)


Located on the west bank of the AQABA Bay on the southern coast of Israel, it is about 3n mile from the AQABA port in the southeast and 3.5n mile west from the Egyptian border. It is one of Israel’s main ports. There are refineries nearby, and there are oil pipes leading to the ASHQELON and HAIFA ports on the Mediterranean shore. The port is about 3km from the airport. The port has a tropical Mediterranean climate and prevails in the east-northeast wind. The annual average temperature is 19-39°C, the highest has reached 47°C, the lowest is 3°C.square steel tubing The annual average rainfall is about 30mm, which is from December to March. The average tide height is 0.8m for high tide and 0.2m for low tide.

In the spring and autumn of each year, a large number of migratory birds feed on the outskirts of Eilat to replenish nutrients. These migratory birds usually breed and grow in Eurasia, go to Africa for the winter in the fall, and return to the north in the coming spring. In addition, the dolphins have received friend-like protection and respect in Eilat. Although it is housed in a sea area known as the ”Dolphin Park”, the park has express provisions that do not use dolphins for any commercial performance, nor allow visitors to feed dolphins. Here, the dolphins has its own strict diet and health management system. Although tourists are not allowed to feed the dolphins, they can still watch the scene of the keeper feeding the dolphins at a close distance on the floating dock. Maya said that six years ago, the park had some adult dolphins returned to the sea, but returned because some of the unfriendly “harassment” of diving enthusiasts, the worker can only  reinforce the fence.

Nowadays, trained divers can swim in the fence with the dolphins for close contact. The dolphins are very curious and often approach the divers, but the park stipulates that divers are not allowed to lure the dolphins by feeding. ”Whether it comes to people, the dolphins have their own wishes and choices,” explains Maya. ”If they are curious about you and want to play with you, they will approach you spontaneously.”

The underwater observatory Ocean Park in Eilat, a red sea paradise with convenient transportation, is home to hundreds of lumineon, sharks and stingraies in the coral reef under the sparkling waters of the Red Sea resort in the southern tip of Israel. In the past, visitors had to take a charter flight from Tel Aviv or bravely drive through the 5,000-square-mile Negev Desert to get there.


There is a place in the east midland of the North Atlantic Ocean, where there is no dusty nature and vegetation. There is the Azores, and you can see more beautiful scenes, except for the natural and unstained nature. The Azores consists of nine different islands, each of which can give you a big surprise.

Some Suggestions for the People Who First Trip to Europe

Now, more and more people like to travel, but I don’t know where everyone likes to go? Although China has a vast territory and abundant resources, it seems that it is still a few attractions, and because of this, many people now choose to go abroad for a travel. Compared with the countries closest to China, you may be more inclined to go to those far away places. In fact, Europe is always a place where people are more eager to go. The art style and lifestyle there are far from China, so many tourists are willing to go there to see different humanities.galvanized steel tubing suppliers

But every time you go to a place, everyone will definitely make a choice first, where to go? How many days? What are you going to do? For those who choose to travel to Europe, if you are coming to Europe for the first time, try not to travel in depth for the first time. The meaning of deep tour is very simple, that is, don’t travel in a city. It is equivalent to so many days you come to Europe, you only travel in one city, this situation is to avoid as much as possible. Everyone knows that there are many very famous tourist cities in Europe, as well as many very famous tourist attractions. It is precisely because of its many tourist attractions that you can’t choose to stay in one attraction or one place for a few days. A female tour guide once explained the things that should be noticed in the past in Europe. She once said that she should play more places and listen to the two reasons she said. You can immediately understand why you should play in depth. The first reason she said this is that playing more cities can reduce the probability of disappointment. You may feel that you can only feel the real humanistic scene here after staying in a place for a few days. I don’t know if you are watching the human landscape of this place, and there are many facts that you are not willing to accept. If you are traveling in multiple cities or countries, many people feel that so many days are wasted on the way.

But in fact, the whole of Europe is almost the same size as China, and between most of countries and countries, cities and cities have airports. Therefore, it is very convenient for everyone to travel, so when you come here to travel, try to choose to play in big cities, big cities also have many attractions to watch. The second reason is that you can broaden your horizons before you can make a better in-depth tour. In fact, it is good for everyone to play more than a few countries. Of course, everyone chooses to travel abroad, mainly to broaden their horizons. How can a country see the general situation of the entire European country? So of course, you have to play more than a few countries, not only to broaden your career, but also to appreciate the different cultures of different places.

Somethings About Commercial Bank, You Have To Know(I)

Well, by this time let us know about commercial bank. Perhaps, someone will strange why we have to know about commercial bank? and this is really common things for us, and even engaged in the jobs related to finance and accountants. However, the most of people will not know about precise implication of commercial bank. Based on this, let us start to elaborate below,Steel Sheet

Basic Concept of Commercial Bank

Commercial Bank, abbreviated as CB in English, is a type of bank. Its duty is to undertake credit inter-mediation through deposits, loans, remittances, savings and other businesses. The main business scope is to absorb public deposits, grant loans and deal with bill discounts. Generally speaking, commercial banks do not have the right to issue money. The traditional business of commercial banks mainly focuses on deposit and loan business.

What The Awesome News Around The World(II)

Magnitude 5 earthquake in Japan

A magnitude 5.0 earthquake occurred in the sea area near southeastern Japan at a focal depth of 10 km.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey website, at about 11:42 PM Beijing time on January 29, a magnitude 5.0 earthquake occurred near southeastern Japan, with a focal depth of 10 km.


The world’s smallest island country, get rich overnight by bird droppings, is now exhausted of resources, openly confront China.Steel Pipe Suppliers

The Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Fiji reminded Chinese citizens to travel to Nauru cautiously in the near future. In addition to security issues, Nauru recently held the Pacific Islands Forum in September to publicly embarrass the Chinese delegation and obstruct Chinese speakers.

Nauru is the smallest island country in the world. It is rich in bird manure and has a high national happiness index. In Melbourne, Australia, the local government has purchased a piece of land larger than its own territory, and built a 52-storey building, named “Nauru Home”, to prepare for the national migration after the exhaustion of domestic resources.

At present, Nauru’s “bird excrement resources” have been exhausted. At the same time, Nauru is facing serious problems of national health and environmental pollution. However, it has not moved to Australia all over the country. On the contrary, Nauru has set up a “prison” on its own island to help Australia solve the refugee problem.