The Climate News From UK(II)

“The huge improvement in energy efficiency tends to be completely ignored. People haven’t noticed it because if efficiency improves, they are still able to have the energy services that they want. I suppose I should reluctantly agree that the fact that no-one notices it is part of its appeal.” said, Joanne Wade from the Association for Conservation of Energy.square steel tubing for sale

What role to industry?

The energy efficiency stories do not just apply to every families. Significant progress has also been made between companies. The large supermarkets strive to improve lighting and cooling performance. As businesses and individuals use less and less energy, this offsets the rise in energy prices. So when prices go up, bills often go down.

However, the problem is complex. Other factors must be taken into account, such as energy imports from continental cables, population growth and the transformation of old energy-intensive industries.

Chinese People Discuss How To Develop Children’s Abilities(II)

Provide interesting and colorful operation study materials

Mr. Jerome Seymour Bruner, famous Educational Psychologist and Cognitive Psychologist, believes that interesting materials are the best stimulus for learning. The main reason why young children seem to be particularly involved in scientific activities is that they have operable materials.

Guiding children to explore and think independently

As parents and teachers, we should guide children to explore and think independently in scientific activities. In the early childhood stage, the development of emotion, sociality and self-consciousness requires the opportunity of self-exploration, active participation and expression of opinions. Only through activities can they form their own world outlook and way of thinking, so that they can start from problems, discover knowledge on their own initiative, operate constantly and think with their heads.Steel Pipe Suppliers

Enhance concentration of children

Concentration is not entirely a child’s innate personality, but more a habit of doing things that has been developed. If children have this habit, they will be very focused and efficient when they work, study and solve problems in the future. If children do not have the habit of focusing, or the ability to concentrate, when they are young, the negative impact will be enormous in the future. So it is very important to develop children’s habits of concentration from an early age.